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The modern Raw Food movement has changed the face of healthy food. Health food 'raw style' is a shocker for most people when they taste it. Expecting "Rabbit Food" like salads, sprouts, and wheatgrass won't prepare you for your first taste of gourmet raw food. We'll shock you with a big slice of cake, pizza or even a quiche, a BBQ beef sandwich, a lovely curry or your favourite casserole.


The truth is that plant fats, flavours, textures and sugars in their raw form, made into modern raw food recipes are much more satisfying, decadent tasting and richer than any cooked or animal based food. All of it also, completely guilt free.


We take recipes and flavours from all over the world and remake them raw style. Using a dehydrator instead of an oven. The world opens up with new flavours and textures that inspire totally new raw food recipes. And it's all you can eat, as well


There is even raw junk food. Which is raw food that tastes like your favourite burger van or drive thru delights. (to get you through those tough days) You can enjoy these versions without hating yourself, which is a plus.


Think you'll miss cakes? No chance. Raw puddings and cakes are incredible. Creamy, Buttery, Heavy, Sweet and Rich. Eat as much as you like, it's perfectly healthy.


There are many internet companies that will post you ready made raw food. Make sure the ingredients are all raw. It doesn't taste as good, or have as good of an effect if they use cooked ingredients. Check the ingredients against our 'Dead Food List' first.




Enjoy these beautiful pictures of Gourmet Raw Food from Yahoo flickr.


The following pictures were posted by more than 100 different talented Raw Food enthusiasts who are members of Yahoo flickr. You can click on many of these and get a recipe.



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