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When we heat food above the human body temperature of 38 degrees, it changes. This heated food effects our health much differently than natural, unchanged foods.


Prior to 1930, It was believed that whenever we ate, there was an immune system response as if we were poisoned. An immediate rise in white blood cells, by about 300%. White blood cells are our body's soldiers, they are produced to fight off threats, like poison, trauma or disease. This reaction to eating was called Digestive Leukocytosis and thought to be normal.


In 1930, Dr Paul Kouchakoff conducted research to compare the effects of cooked food versus raw food. He discovered that Digestive Leukocytosis occurred only when cooked or processed food was eaten. He found that there is no immune system response when we eat our food in it's natural, unheated, unprocessed state.


Because of Digestive Leukocytosis, eating cooked food keeps our immune system in a constant state of emergency. Even what we call allergies are just our over burdened immune system literally freaking out when a new irritant is encountered.


Another immune system response to cooked food is mucus. When cooked food is eaten, our bodies try to protect us from this invasion by creating mucus. This mucus makes a wall between the food and our bodies. As a raw foodist now, if I eat any cooked food the first thing I notice is within' about 7 minutes my nose will start to run. Then within' an hour I feel just a bit knocked off my raw high. (that I sometimes can forget that I am on) Isn't it nice to know that you can get so used to feeling perfect that you take it for granted? You can!


After years of cooked food, our immune system literally gets worn out. We become run down, and illness becomes a normal part of life. We think that we are just ageing. We believe we have no choice other than to be sick.


When we eat Purely Raw foods, our immune system rests and recovers. People who switch to eating only raw foods always experience the same thing. Lifelong problems, conditions and diseases go away, usually within weeks or months.


People eating Purely Raw have experienced complete reversals of cancers, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, autism, depression, skin disease, etc. The list goes on and on. Our immune system can heal anything, if it's not continually engaged in a war against cooked food. Our bodies treat cooked food as poison, this of course means, that cooked food is poison.


When food is heated, the enzymes are also destroyed. Enzymes are the life force in food, the magic elixir of Life. They merge with our bodies and tell us how and where to use the food we eat. It's the enzymes which tell the vitamin C in the orange to go and become part of our skin. Some believe that enzymes are destroyed by stomach acids, but research shows that enzymes are mainly absorbed in the mouth, before our food gets into the stomach.


Our body cannot communicate with the food unless the enzymes are there. Raw food contains its own digestive enzymes and literally digests itself inside you. Raw food breaks itself down and goes where it is needed, and all is well.


Without it's enzymes, cooked food sits in you like a brick. Your body has to use its own digestive enzymes to deal with the cooked food. Many now believe that humans only have enough digestive enzymes to last them into their 40’s. When they are gone, everything seems to be harder work physically, many become apathetic and lose their zest for life.


Enzymes also allow Transmutation. We can eat one raw substance and turn it into something completely different. This recent discovery shows that when we eat purely raw food we can create things that weren’t there before. It's like saying that 1+1=3! This is how a 20 foot tall giraffe can build its entire body, bones, muscle, coat and mane whilst eating only a few types of tree leaves. Elephants are Raw Vegan too!


Cooked food changes our pH. It makes us acidic, when we are meant to be alkaline. The pH level of our bodily fluids affect every cell in our bodies. We thrive when our bodies are in an alkaline state. We use alkaloid highs like caffeine, cannabis and cocaine to mimic the feelings of being in an alkaline state. Unfortunately, these drugs throw us into a worse acidic state when they wear off, so we require more of them to get back to the alkaline high we desire.


When we are in an acidic state, we experience many health problems. Acidity constricts us, causing stiffness and tissue degeneration. Alkalinity does the opposite, we let go and our bodies can release tension and stress, and our blood and lymph can flow more easily. Being in an alkaline state is absolutely lovely. Alkalinity soothes away our heath problems and we become balanced, calm and peaceful.


Finally, vitamins are destroyed and deformed by cooking. We all know this one! This is why people steam food, rather than boil or bake it. Steaming is a little less damaging for the vitamins, but the enzymes still die, and digestive leukocytosis still occurs. Steaming has become popular now because it is commonly known that the less you have cooked something, the better it is for you. So, why cook at all.

Cooking Changes Food