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I have never stopped blabbing to anyone who will listen about how marvellous and wonderful the food is. I think that they are thinking 'oh this time she really has lost it'! But that is because they haven't tasted anything - yet! My husband, who had a little taste of everything I brought home with me can't believe how wonderful everything is. 


I thought that the day was fantastic, very informative and inspirational loved all the food that you offered and was stuffed for ages, which was great, I really enjoyed the class. It really got me motivated. I look forward to more of your classes in the future.


To see recipes demonstrated demystified the process as I realised how easy and quick it is to start making simple and delicious meals straight away as I make this journey into raw foods. Thanks again for a great day.


I have really upped my raw intake since spending the day with you!


A truly memorable, exceptionally enjoyable, magically uplifting and inspiring time, great company and conversation, Love and light in abundance, and the food is, in a word, sumptuous.


I did indeed share the food that I brought home! My Mother loved it! - Very many thanks for the food you sent home with my son. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed the flavors.


Wow! Thanks for a faboulous day. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have managed to remain 100% raw since. Sunday I finished off the things that you gave us to take away. I made some Apple Crumble, which my husband thinks is fantastic (that has now all been eaten!). Today I made some Cream Cheese with Spring Onion and I have also bought some more ingredients so that I can get stuck into some other dishes.


I feel really enthused by all of this and as you said, there are loads of business opportunities just waiting to happen.


How lucky was I to stumble across your website when I was looking for a book on there (that's how I found you). I feel as though my life will change for the better. Thanks again


Thanks to you for your warm and generous hospitality and the sharing of knowledge, resources, and wonderful food which we enjoyed throughout the day.


The experience was a life affirming gift and incentive to educate myself about truly raw foods.


Thank you so much for such an inspirational day. You filled me with such enthusiasm to keep going on my raw journey, and it was great to meet other people who share in this lifestyle. I would love to attend another with you.


My partner and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both once again for introducing us to the world of Raw. We have tried quite a few recipes and enjoy doing them almost as much as eating them! We dabble, practice, experiment and enjoy. We've also tried a few on unsuspecting friends and the wide eyed look you get when you explain that this stuff ain't cooked, preserved, coloured or sugared is great to observe. The desserts are gonna be popular with everyone almost. We did some "Blueberry Jam" for our friends two boys and they were just in ecstacy with it.


We thoroughly enjoyed our time with yourselves, it was so relaxed and informative but didn't time just fly? We loved all the dishes. We love the versatility of the foods too, swapping ingredients around and stuff. We got quite giddy doing our first dishes.


This is the food of the future. We felt that our bodies react to this food in an amazing way. It knows it's good. It feels different, there's a kind of Cosmic connection. I can see that raw is going to play a bigger and bigger part in our lives.


I've since made two of the dishes you demonstrated which have been given high star ratings by my husband.


I liked meeting other people who believe that what you eat affects how you feel. And seeing that it is so easy to prepare such different recipies. I liked the fact that we could ask questions at any point, when we thought of them. Oh and I've even bought a persimmon and made Sweet Permission - Yummy!


I so enjoyed last Friday. Meeting like-minded people has given me so much more confidence in being raw. I'm seriously thinking about delivering some workshops.


I feel so passionate about spreading the word. I'm also going to smuggle in a lecture on my sociology module, on veganism, which I'll call the "sociology of food"! I enjoyed the DVD you gave us, too. Very hard-hitting.


I just wanted to say Thank you for such a great day today. I really had a good time and the food was FANTASTIC. I'm still stuffed though and its now nearly 9pm!


Thanks a lot for yesterday. I had a great time and your food was fantastic. My partner loved the Courgette Alfredo and I think I'll be making some of that delicious Cheese and the Kale Salad today.



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