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Eating perfectly is not enough. We have to change our minds. What we think controls our health more than we realize. If I believe that I am meant to be unhealthy, I will still be unhealthy, no matter how well I eat. We are what we think!


Doctors for years have given patients fake medicines called placebos. They make up a name for the fake drugs and tell the patient it will cure them. These fakes pills are effective 40% of the time. The patients' belief in the Doctor and the placebo are enough to cure them.


Now consider what you believe about your own health. Do you tell yourself, 'I'm big boned' or 'I've never been one of those fit/healthy people'? Do you believe you are meant to be sick? Do you believe perfect glowing health is an option for you? At one time, I didn't.


I grew up hearing people say again and again things like, "You take after your Father.", "You sure are a Carlton.", "You're a chip off the old block.", "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." I grew up with a very clear belief of who I would be in the future.


At our family events, Dad, myself, my older brother and even his son, would all have our picture taken together so everyone could marvel at our similarities. Except for our age differences, we all looked very similar.


My Dad's side of the family has a history of poor health. Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. We "Carlton's" were good at them all, and at age 35, I already had 2 out of 4. Of course, I believed that all this was normal.


Now I no longer fit into the "Carlton" mold. My Heart Disease and Obesity are long gone and my looks have changed completely. If my hair ever grows back, I probably won't be welcome at our family events any more.


Since 2001, I'll admit, I've done more than just change my eating habits. I've also changed my mind. With a little help from some new friends and a few self help techniques, I realized that my beliefs were much more to blame for my state of being than my family history was.


The me that I knew in 2001, was built on mostly bad beliefs and nothing but bad fuel. What would I be like today if I had grown up Purely Raw and without the limiting beliefs of family and science. I really have no idea. And that for me is magic, pure magic.


I no longer know what to expect when I look in the mirror. I no longer think that I'm good at this, and not good at that. I no longer hold onto moods or habits and call that my personality. I no longer expect to be unhealthy. I am Free! I am Free! Free at Last!


I now understand than I am unlimited, and it is great. I have replaced my old vision of my future with a grand new self belief. "I am a Flawless Creation of Spirit, with Infinite Value and Divine Purpose." I feel lucky to have had health problems in my past. I may have never realized my true potential, had I not gone down this path.


Being Purely Raw is not a diet of restriction or self punishment. It is not something I have to do because of bad genetics. I love being Purely Raw. I love being in control of my destiny. I don't feel that I am missing out on anything. I enjoy eating now more than ever, and for a "Carlton" that's quite an accomplishment. "Us Carlton's love to eat!"


Dr. Deepak Chopra in his book, "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind", says our body's cells are like little ears just listening for instructions from our mind. When we go raw, all of our systems work better. It only makes sense that our body will also respond better to our thoughts. So as a Purely Raw Human, how I think, is crucial to my health.

Change Your Mind